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There’s a saying in the professional world – it’s all about who you know. To a certain extent, this statement is highly accurate. Professional networks are how the world goes ’round, enabling those with expansive networks to complete more in a given day than their peers.

Building a network is one of many tasks that professionals must handle if they wish to succeed. Your professional network is vital for establishing connections across your chosen industry. Naturally, these connections have the potential to open doors, provide insight, and help you achieve your professional goals.

Given the importance of professional networks, you might wonder how to build yours. Here are a few tips.

Be Yourself

First things first – the best way to build your network is by being yourself. To put it another way, don’t feel compelled to put on a fake persona to get people to like you. More likely than not, this sort of behavior will have the opposite effect. 

You want to build a network of people who like and respect you for who you are. This will provide the best advantage. However, establishing this network requires first letting people see the real you.

Don’t Force It

There are times in life when we meet a person, and it just doesn’t click. The friendship doesn’t bloom, and there’s no interest in further interaction. This happens in the professional world too. If this happens with a potential connection, it’s okay to let it go. There’s no need to try and force this connection – thousands of other potentials are out there.

Keep Your Eyes Open

It’s amazing how easily one can make connections if one keeps their eyes open. You can meet people everywhere you go. By leaving yourself open to potential relationships wherever you go, you increase the chances of establishing a strong, comprehensive, and healthy professional network.

Utilize Networking Tools

Nowadays, finding, establishing, and maintaining professional relationships is easier than ever. You can thank the advent of networking tools for this ease. Sites such as LinkedIn were designed with professional networking in mind. Other devices can easily be used for the same purpose, including Discord, MeetUp, and social media platforms.

Stay Connected

Once a connection has been made, you must try to maintain it. You can’t add somebody to your mental list of networks and never speak to them again. Worse, you can’t only reach out when you need something. Healthy relationships require time, effort, and give & take. This is true for professional networks. So if you want your new connection to thrive, you’ve got to put in the effort.